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Monday, 04 December 2017 19:45

MK60 Emulator

An MK60 emulator is developed in order to serve those running the E46 M3 MK60 ABS in non-E46 M3 cars, e.g. for those running an MK60 in an E30.

The MK60 emulator emulates the E46 IKE and E46 ECU such that the MK60, combined with an E46 LWS and E46 YAW sensor, will function without throwing errors as well as some DSC functions.  Optionally, the MK60 emulator can be ordered with outputs for driving the DSC/ABS light , indicating errors or ABS interventions. The MK60 emulator can also optionally be ordered with a push button for easy reset of MK60 errors, LWS errors as well as easy MK60-LWS syncronisation. Unlike other MK60 emulators, our MK60 emulator can optionally be ordered for E46 IKE emulation only, such that the MK60 can be used in systems with MSS54, but without the E46 IKE.

Optionally, the E46 M3 MK60 can be "programmed" to utilize the M-Track mode, as found in the E46 M3 CSL. If M-Track mode is combined with the optional DSC/ABS light, the light indication is adjusted accordingly.     

airVent Display solutions

Discover the amazing amount of information available on the E46 CAN bus, made easily available via a touch screen embedded in the E46 air vent console.



MK60 emulator solutions

Enable the MK60 CAN bus data stream in a non-standard E46 configuration, made available by a dedicated custom made MK60 emulator.