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Sunday, 19 May 2019 22:10

Custom E46 CAN to Bluetooth LE for Harry's Lap Timer

In an earlier Blog, I wrote about interfacing Harry's Lap Timer, utilizing the Bluetooth LE interface on the RPi meant for streaming the CAN data of my e46 m3 based car.  Recently I have played with a nRF52 chipset to develop a custom CAN to BLE solution for streaming CAN data to Harry's Lap Timer.

The hardware and software developed, named CAN2BLE HLT, streams data at a rate that outperforms most OBDII Bluetooth devices.

During the development phase, streaming rates as high as 100Hz was tested, but the update rate for the fast measured values is set to 25Hz. I.e., each measured value is updated with 25Hz. 25Hz is chosen due to the fact that it is considered fast enough for all practical reasons. All temperatures are streamed at 1Hz.

To the CAN2BLE HLT, a 10Hz GPS device can be attached, streaming GPS data to HLT at 10Hz. 

Tha CAN2BLE HLT supports the recently release V23 of Harry's Lap Timer, and is targeted the e46 community.

First tests done. Looks promising...

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