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Thursday, 12 July 2018 22:34

Diff. temperature measurement installed

A part of this project has been to develop measurement of the temperature in the rear differential. The temperature is measured by a custom analog2CAN HW using a NTC temperature sensor, and the diff. temperature is streamed onto the CAN bus once a second and visualized in the airVent Display.

The NTC temperature sensor is calibrated up to 150 degree C.  A harness, going from the rear of the car to the location of the custom made analog2CAN hardware, had to be made and installed. The harness  follows the route of the wires for the rear level sensor, which involed a lot of work by disassembling and reinstall several parts of the interior.

A custom analog2CAN hardware had to be assembled and programmed before it could be installed in the car.  A lot of work for a temperature measurement, but I am very pleased with the result.




analog2CAN HW for the diff temp sensor.


Temp sensors for diff temp and gear box temp.


Temp sensor installed in the diff.


Calibration of the diff temp sensor.




airVent Display solutions

Discover the amazing amount of information available on the E46 CAN bus, made easily available via a touch screen embedded in the E46 air vent console.



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