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Friday, 21 June 2019 18:42

MK60 Emulator and aftermarket components

When it comes to the MK60 Emulator, one might get the impression that in order to have MK60 emulation in solutions using aftermarket components, one need my dual CAN solution. That is not necessarily the case.

The misunderstanding came clear to me, after I got a request for a dual CAN solution with MK60 emulation. I usually ask pretty detailed questions about the systems the MK60 Emulator are supposed to serve in. In this case, it was an e46 m3 with MK60, LWS, Yaw sensor, Link ECU and AiM Dash.

The main requirement was to get access to the wheel speeds and steering angle streamed to the CAN bus by the MK60.  Since the Link ECU had two CAN buses, the final solution was to use one of them at 500kbit/s towards the MK60 and the other at 1Mbit/s towards the AiM Dash. Hence it was sufficient with an MK60 Emulator for Single CAN solution (~50% of the cost of the dual CAN MK60 emulator), and the Link ECU served as the CAN gateway towards the AiM Dash.

Quite a simple and elegant solution for enabling CAN streaming of MK60 data for data logging in a system using aftermarket components.


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