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Sunday, 15 April 2018 19:54

Streaming of CAN data to the Cloud

An important task on the backlog has been to stream the CAN data to the cloud. It kind of merge all the work with the HW and SW with all the learnings from the Race Engineer Course.

The data displayed in the airVentDisplay are only a snapshot of the current state, meant to give indications to the driver. It is not before one are able to look at all the data in a broader context that the full learning can take place. Hence, the effort of streaming the CAN data to the cloud. There are so many providers within the fild of IOT which offers solutions for streaming data. In order to keep the costs at a minimum as well as to test an easy but powerful solution, the service offered from Initial State was selected. A RaspberryPi 3 is attached to the CAN network and streams the data via 4G to the Initial State servers. A multi threaded C++ program is made for the RPi, which collect the CAN data at 100ms intervals as well as the GPS coordinates and streams the buffered data to the cloud at 2s intervals. By this, the data (with 100ms resolution) is easily available by any web browser in near real tim as well as available for analysis after each trackday heat. 



airVent Display solutions

Discover the amazing amount of information available on the E46 CAN bus, made easily available via a touch screen embedded in the E46 air vent console.



MK60 emulator solutions

Enable the MK60 CAN bus data stream in a non-standard E46 configuration, made available by a dedicated custom made MK60 emulator.